Support St Peters Parish & School

If you are looking to support St Peter's Parish & School, here are several different options. Click on each of the links below to find out more information. May the Lord bless you for all your generosity!

Script: Through Great Lakes Scrip in Michigan and many local merchants, we are able to purchase gift cards at a discount. For example, we are able to purchase a Hy-Vee $100 gift card (just like you see at the cash registers) for $97. We in turn sell these cards to our parishioners face value, or $100 in this example. Therefore, we have made a profit of $3. The best thing about this fundraiser is that it cost you no more than if you spent that $100 directly at Hy-Vee. Scrip is "Giving Freely" to the school and CCD programs. Over the past year, Scrip net profits were approximately $24,000!

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