Marriage Preparation

Any couple, one man and one woman, who are baptized and are free to marry may receive this sacrament. This means that the man and woman wishing to marry each other: Must meet the age requirements and any other requirements established by civil and church law; can not have already entered into a valid marriage to someone else (annulments declare that marriages were invalid); must not be under any force or constraint to consent to marriage.

A man and woman wishing to marry should prepare themselves to receive the sacrament through prayer, leading a Christian life (excludes living together before marriage) and through the celebration of the sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist.

A man and woman wishing to marry need to present themselves to a bishop, priest or deacon who will help them prepare for their celebration of the sacrament. The sacrament of Matrimony is usually celebrated within Mass.

Where civil laws require witnesses to a marriage, they are required by the Church.

The Lincoln Diocese has a 4 – 6 month preparation program. Please call the parish office (402-423-1239) to schedule an appointment if you are considering getting married at St. Peter's. Download a copy of St. Peter's Parish Wedding Policy (PDF) and Music Guidelines (PDF), the parish office should be contacted with any questions.