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PCCW (Parish Council of Catholic Women)

2016-2017 PCCW Board of Directors
2016-2017 PCCW Board of Directors

L-R: Jen Satorie – Treasurer, Chananne Slepicka – Secretary, Kathleen Noonan – Funeral Director, K.C. Williams – Membership Coordinator, Fr. Michael Christensen – Spiritual moderator (replace in June by Fr. Charles Townsend), Mary Spethman – President, Debby Rye – Vice President and Ladonna Hegemann - Deanery Representative

Purpose of the PCCW

The purpose of St. Peter's Parish Council of Catholic Women shall be to give glory to Almighty God through prayer, study and service for your parish community and the community in which we live.

Our objective is to serve the needs of the women of our parish and to unite all women of St. Peter's Parish in spiritual, educational and social activities. We also aid financially with the needs of the altar, sanctuary, and the parish in general.

PCCW General Council: Meets the 4th Thursday evening of the month in the Bride's Room in Bishop Vasa Hall.

Activities: Members can participate in as many activities as they can find time to attend. Some of the activities are as follows:

  • Members serve and/or donate food for funeral dinners
  • Coordinate parish fundraisers (International Tailgate, Waffleman, Rose Fundraiser, and many more)
  • Hosts Membership Events/Socials to acclimate women to our parish
  • Assists the pastor both spiritually and financially with the needs of the parish

Membership: Open to all women of the parish, age 18 and older, who subscribe to the purpose and objectives of St. Peter's Council of Catholic Women and who pay annual dues ($20.00 per year).

Circles: St. Peter's PCCW is currently comprised of six sub-circles. Circle members are members of PCCW, but the circles allow members the option of a smaller group of ladies to get acquainted with. Each circle is comprised of a group of women with a declared purpose and objective, meaning each circle focuses on a specific goal/objective but all of PCCW is invited to assist. Select a link on the left for a summary of St. Peter's circles and the activities sponsored by each circle.

If interested in becoming a member of PCCW or have questions on joining a church circle, please contact K.C. Williams at 402-421-7399 or or Mary Spethman at 402-423-1239 or