Populum Vitae (A People of Life)

What Can I Do To Help?

  • Pray daily for an end to abortion - say nine days of prayer or a novena for the months of pregnancy for a mom and unborn child, a rosary for legislators, an Our Father for fathers who have or may have children lost to abortion. Visit the Blessed Sacrament and pray for women who have had abortions. Keep a copy of the "life prayer" handy and say it daily for women tempted to have abortions, for doctors and nurses, for clergy, for those who work in the pro-life movement, and for those who do not realize how wrong abortion is.
  • Pray for the "Culture of Life" and all pro-life areas.
  • Read! Be an informed pro-life advocate. Know the facts and find out how to present these facts from such book as “Abortion - Questions and Answers” by Dr and Mrs. JC Willke, from Hayes Publishing.
  • Wear or display symbols of your love for unborn babies! Pink or blue ribbons, precious feet pins, T-shirts, bumper stickers, posters, decals, envelopes, pre-printed checks and many other items are available through various resources. To obtain these items check with your pro-life coordinator or state pro-life office.
  • Write letters to newspersons, elected officials, and other persons and institutions regarding respect for life. This may sometimes be done by large groups of people all at once or on an individual basis.
  • Take part in your local Walk for Life or if possible, the March for Life in Washington DC on January 22 to protest the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion.
  • Fast between meals and abstain from meat for a day and offer it up for the unborn, the elderly and families in crisis. Or for a week, light a candle at the table during dinner and begin the meal with a Hail Mary for the chronically ill and those in pain.
  • Volunteer as a family at a funding-raising event for the local right to life group. Work in the information booth at local fairs for help with occasional large mailings at your Pro-Life office.
  • Gather up clothes, books and toys you no longer use and donate them to homeless families at your local shelter. Make arrangements to tour the facility at a mutually convenient time.
  • Have a Mass said for the younger generation that is missing siblings, friends, teammates and classmates because of abortion.
  • Be a beacon for a young girl or woman. Is God calling you to simply "be there" for a girl, someone for her to talk to? Many times the first person a young pregnant girl talks to can give her the encouragement she needs during an unplanned pregnancy. Can you give 2-3 hours a week to help an unborn baby? Can you be a Birthright volunteer? Call 466-2609.
  • Join Populum Vitae (A People of Life)

For more information and a list of resources, books, videos and other supplies, contact your St. Peter's Pro-Life Coordinator, Casie Otte at 420-0749 or Greg Schleppenbach's office: Bishop's Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities, 215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 410, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, 402-477-7517