Families of Faith

In the evangelization model there are three areas of focus. The first and smallest group would be the family, sometimes called the domestic church. When we refer to the family unit our attention goes beyond the four walls of the home and may encompass all members that have a shared value system with our traditional family and could be identified as extended family. In a Family of Faith, we would naturally include those closest to us as well as other people in our lives such as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, or those with whom we share special holidays and family events.

The premise of Families of Faith is a commitment to striving for excellence in a Christ based model of love and charity. Programs will be offered periodically through the parish evangelization office to support parish Families of Faith. Each family would be asked to participate in a daily prayer life, which may include morning prayers, prayers before and after meals, the rosary, Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation as well as recommended reading materials, and entertainment.

Each Family of Faith would also dedicate themselves to an outward example of Christian living and ongoing Adult Faith Formation. In the spirit of love for Jesus Christ, the programs offered through the evangelization office would not be mandatory but rather recommended and used by each family according to their spiritual needs. A recent example of the resources provided from the parish evangelization office would be The Lenten Experience. A wide array of materials was made available to all Parish families to help enhance spiritual growth during the Lenten season.

It is through example that we, as families, can show our love for one another and our love for Jesus Christ. St. Peter's Families of Faith calls us to be Disciples of Christ and to lead by example.